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Hi everyone, I just took an extremely long break, so long that the last time I was on here I was still in high school. I'm sorry, and I will try to stay more active now. But really, are you guys still there?
Have you ever just felt like people knew what you were thinking? Like even when they weren't paying any attention to you at all? Like they could be on the other side of a room, having a conversation with a person and you could be so paranoid and freaked like "Oh my god, they know that I am wearing the same socks as yesterday , nooooo!" Like your thoughts were being said out-loud and announced to everyone around you?
I want to actually DO something this some this summer. LEARN something. I don't want to sit around staring at a screen or laying in a bed. I'm so tired of it. Maybe I can finally learn to a new language, or a sport it doesn't really matter just SOMETHING, something new.
I. .  .can't follow this. I literally have no idea what's going on. Supposedly this silent "movie" (it's more like a silent short film.) is about outer space but there are like wizards, running around all over the place in robes doing a march up a stairway while chanting "Hazah!"

. .  .

New scene
The 'Wizards' are formulating some sort of plan while doing hand gestures that make absolutely no sense. There is a narrator which I guess is supposed to help the viewers understand what the hell is going on but it isn't help me lol. I have no idea HOW this has anything to do with astrology; the only thing that comes to mind is that his is a reenactment of the first astrological cult to be documented. (Watch this is probably some famous thing in history that I don't even know about xD)
My experience with children

   Throughout my life I have been exposed to different types of people of all ages and personalities. Each person has their own passions, their own story, their own life.  It is great to be a part of people’s lives in a positive manner. A great example of a unique person would be my little brother. When I was four he was born into our world. He became my own brother, my own friend, and I was so excited to meet him. We have had lots of fun in the past and, as children, we got into a lot of trouble together.
   Years after something dreadful happened. My brother was diagnosed with autism. Although my brother may be hard to manage at times, my family and I have all learned some ways to solve problems with these particular situations.
My brother is not the only child whose background I know. I also have a little sister. Although she does not have the same conditions and challenges that my brother faces she has her own story. My sister is in 6th grade now, a loud tomboy, but she wasn’t always like this. When my sister started attending ________ K-8 (formally known as _______.) she was a very shy kid. People called her a ‘special case’. With school counseling and my persistence, she slowly became the girl she is now. She is still bothered by bullying. We as a family like to think of ways to come up with nonviolent (verbally and physically) tactics to reduce the bullying among her peers.

   Lastly another huge life event I had with children by my side was when I was an Childcare Assistant at ______. I met so many contrasting people while I worked there. I learned new ways to entertain and play with children.  I also learned what a pre-schooler’s mind was like as well as what triggered their reactions and emotions. I learned ways to unravel their feuds and arguments amongst themselves.

   I feel though many people tell me I am quite experienced with children that I am still very inexperienced. I feel that there is just so much more I can learn.  I feel that working at _________ as a volunteer will give me more  experience and knowledge of one of my favorite subjects.
Did I really think you'd care? Did I really think if I told everyone my problems they would. Just because I'm always there for everyone doesn't mean they will be there for me. I guess it's time I start practicing the art of letting go. . .