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Complaints of the day:

- Society sucks

-Society cares too much about money

- People never leave their homes to do anything anymore

-People are flaky shits

-Nobody is ambitious anymore

-My pets care more about me than other people in my actual species

-People don't want to talk about things anymore

-People care more about cellphones and video games more than actual people

-Americans and America sucks

-People can't follow through

-People lie just so they don't have to deal

-The only reason people use social media is to prove how they are more anti-social than you

-I am smarter than everybody I know but everyone else is too dumb to see it

-Nobody believes in me

-I do and go everywhere alone

-I have no real friends

-There's no point of dressing up when you are only with yourself all the time

-There's no point to exercising and eating healthy if you hate life

-Nobody cares

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